• Run!

    You can't hide from Missile Wars.

    Launch virtual missiles at real people all over the world and make them really run!
  • This revolutionary game will get you out of your seat and literally running for safety.

    Bomb players anywhere in the world, real-time.
  • Pick from your arsenal of missiles: fast, deadly, or accurate.

    And you'll have folks actually jumping to their feet to dodge your virtual attack.
  • Oh no, you missed!

    That elusive rascal must have scampered like a spooked mouse.

    Brace yourself for the inevitable counter-strike.

    There's no relaxing now.
  • What's that?

    Air raid sirens!  Incoming!

    Drop your triple-iced grande mocha, grab your phone, and move.

    I said MOVE, soldier!
  • YOU are the target now. You've got a measly 30 seconds to avoid the explosion.

    Race out of the blast circle and, if you're fast enough, escape unharmed.

  • Work your way up the ranks and collect more lethal missiles.

    One day you just might be promoted to General.

  • But beware, it's no picnic at the top when the world is gunning for you.

    Now bomb somebody!